Enables students to perform calculation with amazing speed and accuracy. The finger manipulation techniques stimulate left & right...

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Should have Interest in teaching students with enthusiasm and excitement to achieve the goal of developing their brain power...

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Gama Network

A life time opportunity. Minimum investment in time, money and effort. GAMA office will provide latest and international quality support...

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Minimum one furnished class room having an area of about 200 square feet and shall maintain an exclusive centre for GAMA Programme.

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Gama Programmes

Abacus is an ancient computing methodology developed in China, Japan, Babilonia etc. Wherein students learn to solve mathematical problems using a very simple instrument called ‘abacus’. Abacus is an apparatus used for counting and calculation.

Basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are solved by simple movement of beads in this instrument. This helps the student to develop a pictorial representation of the problem in the brain and by regular practice; the brain learns to solve the problem without actual use of any aid including the abacus. The students thereby develop an exciting photographic memory. The user of an abacus is called an abacist.

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  • It was one of the best experiences of my life. The positive changes I feel personally and by those around me have influenced my kids a lot. From making better decisionsto raising children, from feeling more confident to understanding others this course has helped me in being more flexible.

    Mr. Rajeev Krishnamoorthy

    The training provides a comprehensive exposure to knowledge and skills required for childrens. They provide individual focused approach blending as a facilitator and a coach that helped greatly in understanding of really complex techniques, quiet easily.

    Mr. N.K. George

Highlights of National Competition 2015

Mental Arithmetic

Mental arithmetic is a form of calculation that is solely done by human mind using mental power of performing mathematical calculations mentally.

GAMA Improvement

GAMA improves concentration, Accuracy, Observation Power, Speed listening power, Self confidence and Over all academic proficiency.

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