Gama Networks

  • A life time opportunity.

  • Minimum investment in time, money and effort.

  • GAMA office will provide latest and international quality support through training.

  • System for efficient administrative functioning of the centre.

  • Technical support backed by years of research and development. Marketing network across the country.

  • Branded building and continuous upgrading in terms of product delivery and systems integration.

  • You will receive follow up, field consulting and support during the initial launch and on going development of your business.

  • GAMA provides complete and comprehensive support systems to assist our franchise partner in developing their educational programme.

  • GAMA provides you the Brand name, Course Curriculam, Examination material and International Certification systems as well as technical and marketing support.

  • A fantastic business opportunity from GAMA ABACUS AND MENTAL ARITHMETIC NETWORK.

  • Challenging employment, rewarding mentally and financially, remarkable career for self and others. You can start a profitable international ABACUS Mental Arithmetic concept centre in your neighborhood or town.

  • Be a part of GAMA Network

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