Course Instructor

  • Should have Interest in teaching students with enthusiasm and excitement to achieve the goal of developing their brain power to its optimum potential.

  • Should have qualities like patience, attention, care and affection towards children.

  • Should encourage the learning process in children.

  • Optimism towards children excellent future and ambitious to attain this objective.

  • Minimum qualification is graduation with proficiency in English and in regional language.

    Course instructor´s training will include 8 levels extending to a period of 24 months. Initially 3 days training will be given. After attending 5 lessons in the class the Course Instructor will be able to attend the second level. Similar pattern will be followed for subsequent levels.

    Course instructor´s fee should be paid in advance and an agreement will be made which is to be renewed after 5 years.


  • People with entrepreneurial skills, eagerness towards achievements, possessing managerial, administrative, operative, marketing skills and concern for children can achieve excellence in this field. Those who are interested in setting up centre can anticipate good returns.

  • To become a member, membership fee should be paid in advance, which is non- refundable. An agreement should be made which has to be renewed after 3 years.

  • Franchisee will be given online username and password. and can up to date data and do center administration by online.


  • Coordinator can be represented by area, district, sate or country level.

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