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A Comprehensive Look Into Gama Abacus

Few beads on a rod may seem like a toy, but it can change the entire future of those who learn with it. We at Gama Abacus use Zhusuan methodology to teach kids. From ancient times abacus is an instrument that helps to solve complex mathematic calculations. It helps in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, and even negative numbers. With digitalization, we have combined this primary tool with web applications to make maths a fun game for kids. Hence, one can learn all the complexities of maths and solve various problems by learning at Gama Abacus A high level of competition at every stage of life is making success a strenuous achievement. Multiple tests and interviews are held at each level to measure the intellectual standards of an individual and only the best qualifies.

But, when looking closely at the situation, we know it is not only about the intellect. They map how well the brain functions at times of stress. It is here that GAMA Abacus TRAINING can help you.
There is no doubt that by the end of the curriculum at GAMA ABACUS your kid will not need a calculator or paper to solve complex maths problems. But all that is only the tip of the iceberg as children also develop their cognitive skills through abacus teacher. Concentration, creativity, imaginative capabilities, punctuality, discipline, politeness become a way of life for kids completing the abacus online classes. It will help them to focus on their problems and find solutions with speed and accuracy. This is the skill that all the recruiters are looking for. Also, when a person is disciplined and has control over his brain and body, there is nothing that can stop him from attaining what he wants from life

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Why choose us?

Abacus Franchise

We at Gama Abacus, provide one of the promising franchise opportunities to ideal and passionate entrepreneurs in India. Our franchis opportunities reduce the possibility of risks and failure to a greater extent possible. We provide our share of the biggest asset that is goodwill to our franchise partners so when you will set up your business with us you will get a remarkable rand recognization in the educational sector. You will have a minimum investment. Our robust guiding force will assist our franchise partners in learning and cheering on the vibrant growth at our platform.

Gama Abacus is the best tool for sharpening the brainpower and putting the brain to its most productive path of thinking and working. This practical techniques and its success is the reason behind Gama Abacus reaching the heights of success.

  • As an Entrepreneur, why should you invest in Gama Abacus Franchise Opportunity?
Global network
Gama Abacus is an international brand and has branches across various countries.
Novel concept
The research and development department of Gama Abacus always looks for newer improvements in their field.
Ideal Venture
Our franchise opportunities are ideal ventures for housewives an all those who searching for a basic source of income.
We have been working in brightening the young minds and including innovative techniques in Abacus training for more than two decades.
Less investment and good return.
Gama Abacus requires a minimum, and with this education franchise you can enjoy high returns
Additional Income
We provide additional income for housewives as well as for working professionals by taking classes for Franchise students.
Our training mostly includes the basic franchise training and support along with our Gama Abacus teachers training that we provide to our franchise partners.
Less Area
For starting our franchise the are requirement is less as compared to start other educational franchise.

What teachers says about us

  • It has been a privilege to be associated with Gama Abacus for past years. With more than 300 students at my franchisee and the team of Gama Abacus is definitely a best training centre.
  • Life was lethargic after retiirement. But Gama Abacus came as a ray of hope where i got to teach and mingle with kids.
  • While staring my gama abacus franchisee, i was doubtful, but the cooperation and timely response for the queries from the team have helped me to make my venture a successful one.
  • After graduation, i was preparing for competitive exams and wanted to pursue a part-time job. Hearing about Gama abacus, i joined the institute and today i earn a decent amount by teaching students.

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