When abacus was invented, no one would have thought that this device can perform brain powerlifting. The exercise goes to the level where a person can calculate tricky mathematic problems within a few seconds that too without the help of paper, pen or any electronic device. We may call the people doing this trick as math magicians, but abacus classes can help all to perform the method.

At Gama Abacus, we implement mental arithmetic that helps the pupils in facing obstacles of life. As is said, a fearless attitude towards life is what takes a person to heights. Mental arithmetic instils confidence in an individual to solve life puzzles with ease. Students who opt for abacus courses are between the aged of 4 to 15. They learn abacus basics starting from abacus introduction to performing abacus calculations. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication by abacus of a whole, decimal and even negative numbers are taught through abacus classes. Later with the memory technique programme that involves letting the abacus free yet solving through the abacus method by imagining the tool in mind, students strengthen their brains and also cultivate their cognitive skills.

How is the ability to perform mental arithmetic obtained?

An abacus frame is a structure that has a few posts with small movable discs. When one starts to learn to solve maths problems with this device, they understand how easy it is to work with an abacus. Even today few stores in Japan use abacus for their calculations since the device makes maths easy and also rewires the brain. With the frequent practice of abacus, pupils start to envision the abacus in their minds, hence begins their journey of being masters in mental arithmetic. The strategy of solving the problems is called decomposition, which means breaking down the numbers. For example, if asked for an addition of 8 and 5, the result is obtained by setting 8 and adding 10 then subtracting 3. In the theoretical form, it may seem tricky, but regular practice can let anyone inherit the technique.

Added benefits of mental arithmetic

The astonishing calculation speed is not the only benefit of mental arithmetic. Students who learn at Gama Abacus are constantly tickling their right side of the brain to increase concentration, visualization and observation.

Concentration- Maths commands attention even if it is the tiniest of problems. When the learning method is made interesting, students will give their undivided attention to the problem. Gradually they inherit the attentive powers in their behaviour.

Visualization- Teaching through images is becoming extremely popular today as our brain captures them quickly, and there are fewer chances of forgetting the pictures. Students are told to visualize the answers with a series of event to maintain it in their long term memory. Abacus practice of mental arithmetic helps pupils to visualize the numbers. In a succession of the process, they naturally learn to imagine all that is read or taught. It helps them fare well in their overall career.

Observation-To be able to observe is one of the critical steps to solve a problem. If one stumbles at that step, the concentration and visualization will never help reach the accurate answer. Abacus rules observe the primary level of devising the solution. Later this quality too is enveloped in one's manner of behaviour.

Science backs abacus

When we at Gama Abacus state that mental arithmetic can improve the cognitive skills of an individual, it is not a mere assumption as various researches conducted through years back our claim.

There is mere a few citations. With a bit effort, you can find how crucial the abacus method can be for the overall development of your career. In case you are thinking from where to master abacus, Gama Abacus is at your rescue. We bring abacus at your doorstep through online classes. Start learning and never forget whatever you read.