Why does every kid need it?

Abacus schools are meant for every kid. There can be a notion stating that only the once who lag at their studies need it. However, it is not the case due to the simple reason that the school curriculum doesn’t do anything to develop the cognitive skill of a kid. Discipline and punctuality are mostly imposed on them as punishments. Also, even the brightest of them can wither in a problematic situation. Gama Abacus online classes help kids to follow a way of life by inculcating focus in your kid. Our way of teaching arises excitement in the kid, and the ferry from being distracted to focus happens organically without that child realizing it.

When should you start abacus online classes for students?

Brain growth is maximum during childhood. It is the best time to teach kids various life skills. Gama Abacus online classes can be started as early as 6 years of age. As science also backs this method of learning, there should be no reason to forgo the golden opportunity of rendering your kid this precious gift for life named abacus online classes.

The modern-day information about abacus

It was much later that researched were done and it was found that abacus makes mathematics a simple activity and also taught various cognitive skills in people who practice through it. It is the persistent learning through Gama Abacus that will make your kid perform large mathematical problems with ease.

Today there are abacus courses online and offline throughout the world that are helping both students and teachers to fare well in their respective arenas. Science backs abacus math as a foundation to a healthy brain rather than just another subject. Various researched were performed on pupils to analyse the benefits of abacus. It was found that abacus-

  • Stimulates the right side of the brain to help in mental calculations
  • Improves the numerical memory of an individual through persistent practice
  • Helps in improving the visualizing ability of an individual through image processing and mind mapping
  • Creates a generation that is more focused and disciplined in their approach of life

Here Gama Abacus is your answer as we have the best abacus coaching. With a research department that continually works to add updations to our curriculum, you will witness an abacus practice that can promise heights to its scholars. There are abacus competitions at each level to map your progress.

Abacus Online Classes

Abacus courses have constantly been proving their mettle by delivering the best of abacus benefits to its scholars. Now is the time to include technology and take abacus training to everyone. Abacus online classes is a golden opportunity for the ones who love to learn from anywhere. Since offline abacus classes is not suitable for some, taking abacus online is a key step in improving brain gymnastic opportunities.

Forbes ranked the abacus as the second-best invention. The ranking was based on information about how the abacus impacts the lives of people. So, when we are familiar with abacus benefits, why not experience abacus learning online without the constraints of time or place.

What is in the Gama Abacus online training programme?

Gama Abacus believes in empowering. We envisage the power and reach of technology in the present world. Our dedicated team of researchers created interactive abacus online training methods that provide scholars with the best platform.

Our online abacus learning program consists-

Multiple teaching modules

The abacus courses are an 8 level abacus learning program. Each stage is taught with individual modules, i.e., and elaborate teaching technique at each stage. The teacher proceeds to the next level by ensuring that students have grasped the concepts.

Interactive live lessons

We have multiple video lessons on the abacus learning portal. These provide a deep insight into the abacus basics and give the students a deeper understanding of abacus courses. As it is already a science-backed theory that the brain remembers visuals better than words, we follow an interactive abacus learning class.

Practice worksheets

Consistent practice is what makes a person perfect. In a similar regard, we present multiple practice worksheets so that our scholars keep up with their abacus training ritual. Each practice worksheet is carefully curated to develop the student's ability to solve exceedingly difficult questions at each stage.

Learning app

Abacus training is accessible even if you do not have large devices. A smartphone will suffice for abacus study as we provide all the data through a learning app. It is an easy to navigate abacus learning app with all the necessary abacus information in one place.

Individual attention

Scholars at online abacus courses will receive individual attention from the teachers. They will be able to grasp all the concepts before moving forward to another lesson and can clear their doubts at any time. The one-on-one abacus teaching technique helps shy kids to ask more questions and excel in abacus learning.

24/7 support

Through abacus online learning portals, Gama Abacus envisions, creating a platform that helps students learn without hiccups. We provide 24/7 support where students are free to ask as many questions as required to clear their concepts and ease the abacus learning process. You can clear all your doubts through Whatsapp messaging and establish a robust foundation of abacus learning.

Periodic assessment

Assessments are essential to tract the abacus learning graph of the scholar. We conduct regular evaluation so that the abacus kid understands his strong and weak points. This helps both the abacus teacher and pupil to invest more time in weaker zones and emerge as an overall genius through abacus study.

Parent's assistance

Abacus online learning program is an inclusive abacus training method that helps the pupil and those around them gain abacus benefits effectively. If the kid is learning about abacus courses and imbibing abacus benefits, the parents can also help them consume abacus courses effectively.Parents' assistance will be highly beneficial for the abacus kids, and the former will also learn abacus during the process.
Gama Abacus brings the most advanced abacus online learning portal suitable for scholars of all ages to attain the best of their brains with abacus training.

Welcome to Gama Abacus Classes, where we bring traditional abacus education to the digital world. Our online abacus courses offer an innovative and convenient approach to learning this ancient method of mental calculation.
Abacus education has been widely recognized for its proven benefits in enhancing mental math skills, memory, and concentration. Our online classes are designed to provide the same level of quality education, allowing students to experience the benefits of abacus training in a modern and accessible way.
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Gama Online Abacus Classes offer a modern and convenient approach to learning abacus. We are committed to providing high-quality abacus education that is accessible to everyone. Join us today and start your journey to enhancing your Child’s mental math skills and unlocking the hidden potential!