Vedic Maths Classes

Learn with ancient Techniques, Tricks, Sutras and become an expert in Mathematics and conquer the competitive exam. Reduce the stress of reminding big steps, numbers and solve the complex problems in seconds. It helps left-brain development and develops multi-dimensional & logical thinking.
None can question the impact of India on Mathematics. We provided zero (0) to the world. We also devised a unique calculating method that helps to solve problems in the blink of an eye. Vedic mathematics simplifies calculations and reduces calculating time.

Decoding Vedic Mathematics

India is the prime contributor in the field of mathematics. There were various ancient techniques for solving complex mathematical problems buried deep with the arrival of modern math. Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj unearthed the Vedic mathematics between 1911 and 1918 to provide the formulas that simplify mathematics. With its 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras (formulae), Vedic mathematics can render accuracy in addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The sutras are interlinked, making it a technique that is easy to learn and practice.

Advantages of Vedic Mathematics

The era has changed. Today it is speed and accuracy that matters the most. The daily practice of Vedic mathematics can change the academic levels of an individual. Here is all that Vedic mathematics will do.

Faster Calculations

The 16 sutras and sub sutras work coherently. They help to solve huge problems in the shortest time, enabling quick and accurate results. It is said to help solve problems 10 times faster than the conventional method.

Sharpens Brain

The Vedic mathematic techniques use both intuition and innovation to solve complex problems. This helps in engaging both the right and left side of the brain. With continuous practice of Vedic mathematics, students can amplify their brain.

Increases concentration

Vedic mathematics has coherent sutras that are used to solve problems. The entire calculating method is mental and helps pupils to focus. Prolonged usage of Vedic mathematics helps in increasing concentration.

Improves memory

Memory retention is a key aspect of Vedic mathematics. Students remember the basics and steps to reach an accurate answer to the problem. It helps them to increase their memory power through problem-solving.

Infuse fun into mathematics

Not many kids love to solve mathematics problems. Most of them are afraid of the subject. But Vedic mathematics infuses various fun techniques loved by kids to solve problems. Students develop a new interest in the subject.

Easy to practice

Vedic mathematics is based on interlinked sutras or formulas. These are easy to learn and practice since they do not require mugging any complex formula. Also, there are very few steps that take you towards accurate results in no time.

Who can pursue Vedic mathematics?

Vedic mathematics is for all. But there are a few who must acquire the lesson.


Bring the best grades in school through the sutras of ancient India. Vedic mathematics helps you increase memory and concentration while indulging in a fun session with numbers.


Teachers innovate to grasp attention from their students. Learning Vedic mathematics can help you excite your students by rendering the easy methods of problem-solving. Your classes will be fun-filled where students will be keen to know what you have in store.


Parents can learn Vedic mathematics to engage their kids with a fun-filled math session. It can help in improving their grades and decreasing the parent's agony. Gama Abacus is a platform to brush your mathematical skills. Learn the simple sutra and help others around you survive the huge math web weaved to frighten.