Hand Writing Training

Handwriting training improves both cognitive function and development, memory retention, and fine tune the motor skills of the child. “Hand writing is mind writing” gives clear visuals to thoughts, provides confidence, better communication skills, improved recall, and memory. Join today and strengthen your child’s academic performance.

Are you wondering what handwriting training has to do in this era of automation? Of course! When there is technology to translate speech into text, who needs to write?
Technology is evolving, but there is the human brain that innovates, regulates, and promotes it. Not every brain can create such miracles, but the one with a strong foundation of cognitive skills grasps concepts in a breeze.
Enhanced cognitive skills are the result of handwriting and abacus training. Have a look at what good handwriting training can do to you.

Activates brain

Writing involves concentration. It activates your brain and engages it thoroughly. Hence, we remember well when we write concepts. Good handwriting can coordinate your senses and train you to focus.

Enhances visual perception

Visual perception is an exceptional cognitive skill that includes verbal-memory, problem-solving ability, and language processing. To understand how handwriting training enhances visual perception, let's decode handwriting. Remembering the correct sequence of letters, word formation, space, uniformity of letters is the art of handwriting. Similar procedures lead to an amplified visual perception.

Improves motor skills

Motor skills are a crucial part of cognitive skills. It is one of the key abacus advantages. You will be thrilled to know that improving your handwriting can also help enhance the motor skills. When you hold the pencil to articulate the letters, it coordinates eyes, hands, and fingers for the best outcome. It helps strengthen, control, and sharpen your muscles.

Upgrades mental resources

Learning to shape each letter into perfection commands patience and concentration. In the pursuit of improving handwriting, we help kids involve themselves in the procedure. This practice helps improve their mental resources to solve complex problems in academics and life.

Helps to treat dyslexia and dysgraphia

Dyslexia and dysgraphia are learning disabilities. Children may fall back at reading, writing, and learning. However, handwriting training along with other medications can help them improve their performance. As the disease is related to neurological organs, slow and steady practice of cursive handwriting can help.

The benefits of handwriting training do not end here. Similar to abacus advantages, handwriting training too is a life-changing practice for the pupils.
Please take a brief look at its benefits.

  • Excel in academics
  • Help as ADHD therapy
  • Provide speed and legibility to students
  • Grasp concepts at lightning speeds

Gama Abacus focuses on the overall development of its students through extensive abacus training and handwriting practice. Our mission to form a strong foundation for kids involves the base development through various techniques wherein handwriting training is a key player.