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Gama Abacus is a dynamic learning institution that has its branches expanded worldwide intending to develop and enhance the intellectual skills and the overall academic proficiency of the young minds to guide them towards a bright future. The need for the children formulates our mental arithmetic and memory technique programs. This is done with the hope to guide our children down the path of success to help them be the next generation leaders in whatever field they choose as their future. Gama Brain Development Program was developed by the team headed by Dr. K. Nagulanathan as its chief executive, and this program was implemented in our branches worldwide.

We introduce our children to the ancient art of mathematics with our significant brain scientists that have been researching for many ways and various methods for creating a functioning of the brain further. Our GAMA Abacus training is a holistic approach to our childrens studies. The GAMA Abacus training is done through the research-based programs that include the entire development of the brain as well as shape the future of an individual. In our GAMA Abacus, we provide our GAMA Abacus skilled training to our franchise partners that will involve training at its cire and serve unexpected optimistic results. Our GAMA Abacus training helps in increasing problem-solving skills, arithmetic skills, logical thinking skills,s imagination, visualization, self-confidence, speed and accuracy, deep concentration, self-reliance, and creativity among our students.

A high level of competition at every stage of life is making success a strenuous achievement. Multiple tests and interviews are held at each level to measure the intellectual standards of an individual and only the best qualifies. But, when looking closely at the situation, we know it is not only about the intellect.

There is no doubt that by the end of the curriculum at GAMA ABACUS, your kid will not need a calculator or paper to solve complex math problems. But all that is only the tip of the iceberg as children also develop their cognitive skills through an abacus teacher. It is here that Gama Abacus online courses can help you. Gama Abacus is a dynamic learning institution spread worldwide, dedicated to imparting abacus, mental arithmetic, and memory technique programs. We aim to develop and enhance the intellectual skill and improve the overall academic proficiency of our children; the next generation of leaders.


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Our Vision

Gama Abacus looks forward to a world filled with individuals who attain their dreams. The only path that takes us straight to our goal is abacus learning. With each step, we try to make a positive difference in the rugged educational system that prevails. The world we envisage is where every school going kid finds learning as an enjoyable activity rather than a strenuous procedure. Abacus learning creates multiple times enhancement of the student's brain by increasing his concentration levels, and that effect lasts for eternity.

We aim at developing the individual skills that take one through all exams of life. When one of our visions is to educate in the right manner, we also are hell-bent on creating an entrepreneurship program that empowers our teachers and establishes successful abacus franchisees. Gama Abacus dreams of spreading the magic of abacus through its kids and teachers who help reap the best from them.

Our Mission

In this age of immense competition where parents are looking for extracurricular activities to brighten the young brains, we bring in the simplest concept of learning with endless benefits. At Gama Abacus the 2 hrs per week classes that we offer can change the entire mindset of an individual. Here faster than a calculator is only one among multiple other abacus benefits. We aim at overall nurturing of the child by imbibing the abacus method of learning in a fun-filled environment.

Gama Abacus is focused on relieving kids from the horror of the traditional education system. We create a comfortable environment where kids unknowing absorb math as the essence of life. The manner of our educating policy that is regularly updated by the proficient R&D department renders them the rare skill of undivided concentration that helps unfold even the toughest chapter of life with precision, speed and accuracy.