Who knew the simple abacus used to entertain our kids in pre-school could have a quintessential effect on their brains? No, it is not merely a fancy claim but a theory backed by science through multiple pieces of research. Abacus training has a definite effect on stimulating the human brain and helping him align the cognitive skills accordingly.

It is a known fact that brain function adequately only with stimulus. Not only that both the left and right brain have different features. In our sedentary lifestyle, it is the left brain that functions more. But, it is the coordination of both the sections that lead to a par excellence human intelligence. However, to achieve the state, it is vital to instill consistent stimuli onto the right side of the brain. It took multiple pieces of research for scientists to understand that consistent abacus practice can effectively develop the right side of the human mind.

Teachers indulge in abacus learning by using the tool to teach kids with numerical problems. Later they abandon the abacus and visualize the questions to get solutions. This process happens at lightning speeds. Any onlooker who doesn’t know abacus basics may be taken aback by the speed and accuracy that is only one amongst the multiple abacus benefits.

Here we are trying to acquaint ourself with the key benefits of abacus. All these claims are being duly credited to the researches by the renowned scientist. Abacus learning effect on brain hemispheres. These derivations are from the research on abacus teaching by Ms Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Faculty of Education, Shinshu University. http://www.shuzan.jp/english/brain/brain.html#amaiwa
Another study that backs the claim of abacus benefits is by Yongxin Li, Feiyan Chen, and Wenhua Huang from Institute of Clinical Anatomy, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510515, China and Bio-X Laboratory, Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/np/2016/1213723/

Our brain consists of two hemispheres. Out of these, the left brain is responsible for logical processing, while the right side is used for imagination and visualization. This can be understood in simple form as left used to solve mathematics while right for creative thinking. Most of our formal education is left brain oriented where students feed on what the teacher speaks. They in no way try to visualize the concepts and learn effectively. For example, a simple addition is taught in multiple ways but in none of the methods are students asked to imagine the problem. Hence answering in not intuitive. Instead, it is a mechanical process. In the rat race, the right brain is left far behind.

Abacus basics teach children to visualize a problem. Arithmetic problems are imagined into thin air and solved by them through consistent abacus practice. This helps the pupils to stimuli the right side of their brain. Also, moving fingers and reciting in loud voices can help tingle the right side of your brains. Both of these are essential aspects of abacus courses. Abacus learning is a beautiful amalgamation of both the brains that escalate human intelligence to another level.

With the development of right-brain students can learn more logical problems with the left brain and also retain the short term memory for a long time. Abacus benefits of improved numerical ability Professor Ms Shizuko Amaiwa also cited in her research on abacus learning about hour abacus training can play a decisive role in enhancing the mental arithmetic capacity of an individual. It was independent research conducted on 50 students. Half of them subjected to an extra class of abacus learning while the other half only went through their regular curriculum.

The students who opted for abacus courses were able to score higher in mathematics when compared to those who did not. Not only were they solving problems with speed but also had impeccable accuracy.
The abacus learning program consists of two main stages-

  • Learn with the abacus tool
  • Imagine the abacus and solve problems

When a student completes all the levels of abacus learning, he acquires the skill of mental arithmetic where calculation happens at unimaginable speeds.The dissertation by Dr Shanthala B.N., MBBS submitted to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore also cites the extraordinary capability of abacus kid to perform a blind calculation of mental mathematics.

  • Develops the critical thinking

    • Critical thinking is an ability attributed to the left brain and it is vital to perform all major functions in life. Critical thinking allows you to analyse the patterns in complex situations and break them down to simpler terms, and this is exactly what the Abacus teaches the children to do.
    • Abacus is taught through System Knowledge. System knowledge identifies the patterns within the system and to use them to the best advantage in solving the problem. The abacus is a physical tool used since ancient times in China. In recent years this tool has spread across the globe as a supplementary aid in Children's education. Mathematics is one of the core areas of academics where critical thinking is required. As the child rises through the school years the mathematical problems become more complex and the process to solving them becomes longer.
    • Long problems are broken down into simpler equations and solved in the system of beads. Any problem involving the basic mathematical functions of addition. subtraction, multiplication and division can be solved with the abacus. A student learning abacus will understand what these interactions do to the numbers and the outcomes. There is simultaneous processing of other numbers that will give them the same output. Although focus is on a particular problem, there is an unintended additional information feed that is registered in their brain. This enables them to associate the same when a problem involving this additional data comes up. This analysis of various number relationships and interactions inculcates critical thinking.
    • When the children learn to use the abacus, they automatically learn the art of simplifying math. The brain development is also along the same line. As they progress through the various levels of Abacus training, they skip the physical tool and start solving the problems mentally by visualising the abacus beads and their movement. Visualisation is important to critical thinking and as the problem can be analysed from all angles. as the brain adapts itself to this new found prowess, the ability for critical thinking starts projecting its way beyond mathematics. This ability will present itself in the form of improved performance in scientific disciplines and in social relationships. This is crucial to facing challenges in life in both personal and academic fields.
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  • Develop its capabilities and Wonders of the left brain

    • The human brain is a mysterious organ that despite hundreds of years of study, continues to baffle scientists to this date. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain, each with its own characteristic features. The complex and diverse functions that drive our body are also divided into two categories that are respectively controlled by each portion of the brain. The right brain controls our creative agencies and the left brain controls the logical mind. This column will open up the capabilities of the left brain and how to enhance it with abacus training.
    • Abacus is one of the most effective stimulants that you can use on your child for a healthy development. In today's competitive world, our education system has gotten more difficult and the children are not exactly equipped to process the knowledge fully. Abacus training not only supplements your child's learning but also plays a vital role in developing their mental and physical growth.
    • Let us look at the areas of functions governed by the left brain. As mentioned earlier, the left brain controls the logical part of our mind. Under the research of Nobel prize winner Dr. Sperry , the functions of the left brain are:
      1. Analytical thought
      2. Language
      3. Numbers
      4. Critical Thinking
      5. Reasoning
    • These factors are important in the academic arena for your child to excel. The use of Abacus promotes motor skills in both hands keeping the brain constantly vigilant. Over the due course of abacus training the children are able to visualise the entire equation, however complex it is and solve it mentally. The areas of logic and reasoning are kept on edge to be able to solve mathematical problems. Abacus training calls for increased speed of solving thereby encouraging the brain to alter its processing capabilities immensely. As the brain centres of logic and reason are stimulated, the left brain stretches its limits in other areas of functions as well, thereby enhancing overall personality of the child.
    • They become more confident as academics has now become easy for them. Improved analytical thinking will increase their IQ and have them compete well. Increased brain functions will activate grasping power. If your child has been listless or is having problems with attention at school, abacus training will solve your worries. Any type of disorder associated with the left brain that affects their academic performance can be cured with Abacus training as the horizons are widened by it.
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  • Increase the potential of the right brain

    • The human brain is a complex organism of its own. The immense information load and bodily functions are governed by this wondrous organ that can beat supercomputers by the dozen. The brain like many other organs has two sides to it, the left brain and the right brain individually called as the hemispheres. Each portion of the brain controls a different set of contrasting yet complementary functions. This theory was first put forth by Nobel prize winning Dr. Roger W Sperry.
    • This article is about the right side of the brain that controls the centres of creativity and other associated functions and the impact of the abacus on it. Anybody who is creative and artistic is said to have a right dominant brain. By the findings of Dr. Sperry's research the right brain is connected to ,
      1. Imagination
      2. Intuition
      3. Arts
      4. Rhythm
      5. Non verbal cues
      6. Feelings visualisation
      7. Daydreaming
    • These are the abilities relates to developing a healthy Emotional Quotient. With too much importance given to the Intelligence quotient, schools have developed curriculums that only cater to improving academic skills. More than intellect it is important that the children grow up to be emotionally healthy individuals to function well in society.
    • Abacus training enhances memory required to master artistic skills. The vast amount of data is stored in long term memory and is called up in short term memory as and when required. Since abacus is an instrument that facilitates the solving of problems mentally, memory power is automatically expanded by the brain to make room for this prowess. As academic performance improves with abacus, the children become more confident to take on other challenging initiatives to their interests.
    • Students who undergo Abacus training are able to visualise the tool while mimicking the finger gestures used to operate the beads. This visualisation jogs the memory and imagination. Imagination is key to the development of creativity. In an education system that completely shuts down the creative side of children, the supplementary addition of abacus sparks them towards it. This is applicable to real life situations apart from mathematics as well.
    • Abacus training involves a lot of hand eye coordination. This use of motor skills will enable them to excel in sports and arts, both of which involve the physical body. The intense focus increases their speed and coordination helping them to perform better than peers who are not using abacus.
    • All life skills involve being able to read people correctly and abacus training hones this intuitive aspect and analytics. This helps them break their personal inhibitions and barriers and try their potentials to the maximum. This automatically makes them well adjusted, amicable individuals who can invest their efforts in the right way.
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  • Help your child beyond Mathematics

    • We all know of Abacus as an ancient mathematical tool developed by the Chinese to speed up their calculations. This tool has spread through the world in its versatile use to solve even the most complex equations involving the four basic functions of math - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. In recent years it has gained lot of hype and parents whose kids are facing academic problems are enrolling their kids in Abacus training. However there is more to this simple tool whose power belies its appearance.
    • The use of Abacus stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It enhances early and improved development in your child when compared to other kids who are not undergoing Abacus training. Even though the abacus is used to solve mathematical problems it's capabilities far exceed that. It influences brain centres that promote a holistic growth in your child. This article will open your eyes to the many benefits of Abacus beyond mathematics.
    • The most important and foremost development that you can see for yourself is the improvement in memory. With prolonged use the children don't even need the abacus and can visualise it in their minds and do the entire operation mentally. This process requires lot of data and quick reasoning. Thus, the brain is required to be able to store and process a large amount of data. Since memory not only pertains to mathematical functions this new capability can also be used to excel in other academic and personal areas. The storage of data requires long term memory but the processing of the problems calls the data into short term memory, much like a computer. Abacus training can immensely improve on both Long- and short-term memory.
    • Spatial reasoning is now an easy task . What was once complex is now broken down into easily recognisable smaller portions. They are using a physical object and yet solving the problem mentally. Increased comprehension allows them to steadily understand concepts from any subject of study. Their imagination is jogged and opens up new avenues of creativity.
    • Abacus training improves critical thinking which is necessary to function better in our society. Life throws various problems at children which they can solve only with critical thinking. It promotes maturity and self-realisation at an early stage. Children become more amicable and capable of handling themselves in adverse conditions. They become confident and this confidence instils the sense of independence.
    • While all the above pertains to mental growth, abacus training has a significant impact on your child's motor skills as well. Abacus calls for use of both left and right hands and at a faster speed than required for most other functions. This rapid use prepares the child for other functions like playing, writing, arts etc...
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  • Building extra ordinary self- confidence

    • Every parent wants a confident emotionally well-adjusted child who outshines their peers in academics. But they are clueless on how to motivate them into gaining these qualities. They dread that they would end up like their own parents by forcing their misplaced desires on their children. But we have to recognise the fact that children emulate the adults in their life and as parents it is important to give them a good role model to live up to. Parents have to steer the children carefully in the right direction that is conducive to the child's development.
    • Create an open atmosphere at home that is non-judgemental and give equal if not more importance to the children's opinions. Cultivate the habit of learning and that school need not be a necessary burden. Encourage the children to explore and figure out where their interests lie. Children tend to make more efforts towards activities and subjects that they are actually interested in. You might be wondering how abacus would help you with any of this and the following passages will clear that right up.
    • We achieve confidence when we are capable of doing something well. It is not only our intention but our efforts and skills that will help us to this end. The same goes for children, that they will gain confidence when they are able to see that their performance has improved. Abacus as we all know is a simple mathematical tool with amazing capabilities. When a child starts using the abacus, they not only learn how to solve mathematical problems but also gain the benefits of enhance brain performance.
    • The abacus has a significant effect on pushing the boundaries of the brain. With use of critical and analytical thinking the students are able to extend the ability beyond math and apply the same with other subjects. When they are able to understand the concepts, they are able to appreciate the beauty of each subject and cultivate an interest in them. Once their interests are in the right place they start performing better. As they perform better, they gain confidence to do more. This is not only restricted to academics but also arts and sports. Abacus training also promotes creativity and motor skills which gives them an advantage over their peers who are not taking abacus.
    • Abacus training program right away to ensure children’s development into strong willed, confident and competent individuals.
  • Enhancing Summarisation and Estimation skills

    • While academics teaches us a lot of subjects, it hardly prepares us for real life situations. While our emotional responses are predefined by our characteristics, the calculative decisions we take and the way we handle our finances is a end product of our learning along the way. Mathematics and logical thinking play a very important role in this aspect of our life.
    • Abacus training is vital to school going children to supplement their education. While the school curriculum teaches them the subjects, it does not impart the necessary skills to learn them. Students require enormous amount of focus and grasping power along with logical thinking and memory power. These are abilities that they have to build on the side.
    • Abacus training teaches these abilities along with the methods to solve mathematical problems with speed and ease. Any equations involving the four basic functions of mathematics, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be performed with an abacus regardless of the size of the numbers and the complexity of the equations.
    • The abacus enables them to break down the complex equations into smaller numbers and components by understanding the interaction between the various elements. This decomposition of the problem and summing it up will improve their calculative skills. The abacus technique works by counting the beads. This is done by moving the beads along the rods and counting them out loud or in their minds. This is done with increasing speed as they progress along the different levels of abacus training.
    • Counting and logical thinking are the key inputs to develop summarisation and estimation abilities. This is subconsciously implanted in the children during abacus training. To allow your children to benefit from this superior quality , join the Gama Abacus family.
  • Improves listening skills of children

    • Abacus training is a highly beneficial constructive activity that can be linked to holistic development of children in their formative years. It is an excellent supplement to our education system that enhances their academic performance. The intense load of subjects and the massive efforts required to master them makes children show increasingly lesser interest in academics.
    • The most common form of teaching in our education system is the chalk and talk method. This involves the teachers and trainers to speak about the topic while making notes on the board. This involves a lot of auditory information than visual even though the notes are written down. This is because it is easier to spell the information out loud than write them all down. It is difficult to gather the attention of kids at that age and teachers find that most of the students are distracted and barely paying attention to what proceeds in class.
    • In abacus training the trainer speaks out the commands out loud for the children to follow. While the younger kids learn by emulating the trainer, the older kids are required to listen and follow the instructions which will dictate the movement of the beads. To solve the problem fast they have to be alert and follow the commands to the dot to perfect them.
    • The abacus training keeps their brains on high alert and sharp to focus on the trainer’s instructions. The training also imparts a sense of healthy competition as the students race against each other to finish first. This stimulates their response time and grasping power. As they develop these skills in Abacus training, they subconsciously take these skills to the classroom. They are able to better focus on the teacher's instructions and verbal notes, leading to increased performance in class.
    • If you feel that your child is lacking in listening skills that may be affecting their academic scores, then all you need to do is sign them up for Abacus classes.
  • Lifelong benefit

    • Learning is a lifelong process and there are many skills that are registered in our brain for life. Examples like driving, swimming, cycling are physical skills that we will use throughout our life after learning them once. There is absolutely no forgetting them even if we lose our memory. In the same line of these lifetime skills is an unusual skill, that is the Abacus. Abacus can be learnt at any stage of our life and will be stamped in our memory forever. This is due to the unusually high levels of neural stimulation that comes from Abacus training. But that is not the only reason that it is known as a lifetime skill. It comes with a lot of other benefits that will stay for life.
    • Abacus is highly recommended for children in their formative years of ages 4 - 15 years. This is the age group that is most conducive to grasp the methods of abacus training swiftly. Once they are exposed to it, they begin to reap the benefits which can be visibly seen in their performance in academics and other activities. First things first, the abacus being a calculating tool it improves their proficiency at mathematics with particular emphasis on mental arithmetic’s. This is a given considering its intended use. Since math is the most commonly used subject in our everyday life this is a significant life skill training. Let us give you a quick once over of the side benefits.
    • The physical use of an abacus improves motor faculties to a great extent. Since it requires use of both the hands, the dexterity levels are uniformly enhanced. The speed at which they perform the calculations ensures equally fast movement at other activities too. Children are affected by attention disorders and learning disabilities. This is mitigated by abacus training to a great extent. Their listening becomes sharp and their focus is keen as most of the problems they solve in abacus training are dealt with orally. This high amount of focus teaches them a lot of discipline.
    • Abacus involves remembering a lot is numbers and fictions in their mind. Their memory power is expanded and they start retaining more information than was previously thought possible. The functions and numbers have to be decomposed to simpler elements and they decide which is the fastest way to solve each problem. This ability teaches them to be critical thinkers and excellent decision makers. These are important to function in our discordant society.
    • Advanced abacus students learn the art of visualisation to mentally solve the problems by visualising the abacus in their minds (mental arithmetic). This creates a flow of imagination. If they are able to maintain a healthy flow of creativity that is required to solve complex equations, then learning an art like painting or dancing becomes so much easier.
    • Abacus training has been proven to be so effective that its users are at a lesser risk of early onset Alzheimer's or Dementia when compared to peers who have not taken abacus training. This is because their brains are constantly alert and open to new information. It is being extensively used to cure seniors of the mental ageing process. It is a unique skill that will keep your mind alive and young throughout your life. A simple training session can change the way you shape the life of your children. Visit the Gama Abacus website to learn more about this amazing after school activity and how to ensure your child can benefit from it too.
  • Take the fear of Math away

    • Mathematics the ancient wisdom for which India was renowned for, has now become a phobia among school going children. It is found to be common cause of anxiety especially in children in the developmental years of their life. The subject is something that they find hard to relate to especially when Jack can hold 15 apples in his right hand and 13 in his left. This irrational fear of math, which forms the base of many other disciplines of study, can harbour them from facing challenging areas of academics.
    • As a parent the first thing to do is identify if your child has a phobia of the subject. Instead of reprimanding them on scoring low marks, try and talk to them to understand the reason behind it. Talk calmly and isolate the cause of the fear. If your child admits to not performing well in math because they fail to grasp the concepts, do not blame them for it. School curriculum focus on memorising and thrusting as much information as possible with emphasis on quantity over quality. To cover as much as they can during the school hours, teachers are forced to rush through topics without paying individual attention to whether each student has learnt the concept. Therefore, there is a need for supplementary education, that will not only help them score more in mathematics but also create a love for this subject. This can be achieved with the help of Abacus Training.
    • Gama Abacus provides a comprehensive Abacus training program for kids in the age group of 4 -15. The Abacus was and is a popular tool in Japan for faster mathematical calculations. The abacus allows them to break down complex equations into smaller simpler components and solve each of them to get the final answer. With prolonged practise the students were able to envision the abacus in their minds and use finger gestures mimicking the movement of the beads to mentally calculate the solutions. The Abacus training comes with various levels and the trainers are all certified to International standards.
    • Abacus improves concentration and memory which will prevent any careless mistakes as is common among children of that age group. As the brain is completely focussed on the problem, the concepts become easier to grasp and the student is able to rationalise the process of solving it. The movement of the body keeps the mind active and alert and there is less chance of distraction. The children can give the problem their complete attention which makes it simpler to solve. As they progress through the training, their confidence level also increases reducing their fear of math.
    • Abacus training program to help children perform better and excel in math. Watch their progress speed up before their peers and apply their skills to develop academic interests.

Intelligence beyond mathematics

Abacus programs can blend the functioning of both sides of the brain to cultivate mathematic skills of an individual. But what else does abacus learning do?When your brain acknowledges its powers and learns to work simultaneously with abacus programs, it also unleashes many other skills. Few of those abacus benefits are mentioned below, duly credited to the researches done by scientists on various abacus kids.

Verbal Thinking or Visualization

Abacus benefits of visualization were affirmed by a research conducted on abacus kids by Ms Kimiko Kawano, Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences.
She went on to state that as neural activity in the right side of the brain through abacus training helps in mental mathematics, it also acts as a catalyst to improve the visualization powers of an individual.

When ordinary people solve math problems by reciting numbers as words in their mind, it is the abacus learning that helps kids to imagine the tool and solve. In her research, she also stated how electroencephalogram (EEG) that is used to map the electrical activity of the brain has also proved that the mind of abacus kids is rewired in a structure where they can visualize anything and retain it in their memory for longer periods.

However, the research by Ms Kimiko Kawano, Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences states that one needs to complete abacus courses to grasp the visualization powers. http://www.shuzan.jp/english/brain/brain.html#amaiwa
Kids enrolled in abacus training centres do learn imagination with each stage. Beginners may be able to draw images of addition and subtraction while at later stages, kids will visualize various problems including division and multiplication by abacus.
With all those abacus benefits, you sure want to connect with abacus classes to bring the best out of your kids. When searching for abacus classes near me do have a glance on Gama abacus. We make sure to break the monotony of abacus learning by our able R&D.