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  1. What is the different between normal Mental Calculating and Gama Mental Arithmetic ?
  2. How abacus help to enhance memory of the children ?
  3. Is this system will clash with the academic math ?
  4. Why 4 to 14 years ?
  5. How it helps in studies ?
  6. Are the children have to practice daily if yes why ?
  7. What is the parent involvement in this programme ?
  8. Are the children are transferable to center to center or county to country?
  9. Is it helpful to elders?
  10. Why using both hand finger and particularly certain finger to certain value?
1. What is the different between normal mental calculating and Gama Mental Arithmetic ?

Traditionally mental calculation done by simply adding, subtracting, multiply and divide directly. It has some limitation like speed and amount. Here mental arithmetic means children are visualizing the abacus in their mind and manipulating the imaginary beads without physical abacus and doing calculations. Here numbers are converted into object and image process are performing in the right brain. The final answer obtained as bead image ant it converted to left brain in the form of number as answer.

2. How abacus help to enhance memory of the children ?

Memory is collecting information analyzing, storing in our mind and recalling when ever it is necessary. Our memories are stored in our mind as images and visuals. All memories are compared and correlated in our mind. When we have more images and visuals it helps us to more memorization.

That means when our memory increase the capacity of our memorization is increasing. Photography memory, visualization and imagination are playing the major role in human memory. Gama mental arithmetic and memory technique give immense training, practice and exercise to right brain and stimulates.

3. Is this system will clash with the academic math. ?

Arithmetic is fundamental operation that addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Here Abacus and arithmetic are use as tool for brain development. Math is application of arithmetic. Arithmetic is only early portion in academic and will trained in both way and the can recognize the both way easily. Gama Trained child can do calculation faster and correctly than others and they will get more time to re check the answer which will give 100% accuracy.

4. Why 4 to 14 years?

Brain development is in three stage First stage is physically development up to 4 years, second intellectual development 4 to 17 years(acquiring of skills) accruing skill in the age group is percent. Third is after 18 years application of skill in practical life. Education of human being is maximum in this age group. Earlier age admission will more result and more benefit. Gama limit the admission up to 14 years because the training programme take two years to complete.If a student id admitted at the end of age 14 will take two year to complete and will be finish in17th year . Admission beyond 15th may result to finish course in 17th or 18th . Only for avoiding this we are limiting th eadmission up to 14 year.

5. How it help in studies ?

In education memory, concentration, lasting, observation, Speed accuracy, quick decision making self confidence are plays a major roll. Gama Skill development will help for studies and gaining knowledge. High listening power and concentration will give more understanding and simplifying the subject in classes. Understanding and visualization is give strong memory in the subject. Speed and accuracy gives quick and correct decision making, these help the children to recall the memory and high results in academic. Speed and accurate calculation are major part in Mathematic and helps to scoring high marks. In competitive examination mental calculation and quick decision making is only way to success.

6. Are the children have to practice daily if yes why ?

All the normal children are equal in mental and intellectual capacity and potential. Only while practicing skill are developing. Healthy and strong body needs regular exercise. More pratice give more development of massycils. Good dancer, spots man, martial artist need regula practice to perform well. Same as Gama Abacus need regular practice. Daily 15 minute has to spare and time gap between tow practice is better 24 hours ie practice daily same time gives more result. PRACTCE MAKE MAN PERPECT.

7. What is the parent involvement in this programme ?

Parents are first teacher for human being. encouraging, monitoring and guiding will give more and quick result. Our course instructors will explain to the parent what they are trained in the class and what and how have to practice at home. So parent has to monitor and ensure children are practicing as per course instructor instructions.

8. Are the children are transferable to center to center or county to country ?

Any child can transferred to any country, any branch without any fee and can continue with same term and same stage. Gama course instructors are trained uniformly and using the same system and even same book which are multi colored supplied all over word from same place. Centralized Administration are done by online through out the world. Children are giving student code which is use to up to date and get present position. Also Student Identity card will be issued to each student with there photograph.

9. Is it helpful to elders ?

In human brain peak age period for acquiring skill is 4 to 17 years.( see the chart.) Within this period acquired all skills are permanent. After 18 year of age we can acquire skill but it will not be permanent and will loose when we are not in use or practice

10. Why using both hand finger and particularly certain finger to certain value?

Speed is very important as well as accuracy. If we using single finger for all bead movement, Time taken will be more for calculation some calculation to add or subtract for a single digit will take four bead movement. Say for e.g. adding 9 with 45 this takes four movement (add 50 with left middle finger less 40 with left index finger, less 5 with right index and add4 with right thumb) These four beads movements are happening in a single movement within a fraction of second.

Typing in typewriter is a good example for this. If we use proper finger for proper number key can type faster. Not only that while moving beads with left hand the right side of the brain hemisphere and with right hand finger left side of the brain hemisphere will be stimulated and both sides will be coordinated. Usage of proper finger yield better and faster result.

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